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Creating a Lifestyle for Your
Mind - Body - Soul

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Energetic Holistic Living

The Essence of Well-Being


Spiritual Life Coaching

We all have gifts. We have the ability to delve deeper into reading the energy around us by using our twelve senses. When we heal ourselves, we are able to increase access to our intuition, critical mind, soul path and more! 


Spiritual life coaching opens you to a beautiful partnership with your mind, body, and soul that will raise your awareness, spirit, consciousness, and clear your energy to create the life you love.

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Informative  Sessions and Classes 

A Unique & Simple Approach to different perspectives

Experienced & Professional Life Coach and Teacher

In person, distance, Zoom, &

FaceTime sessions available

Live Sound Meditations

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Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation

Experience a cellular level cleanse with sound and frequencies

SC Youtube video

Duration 30 minutes

What are Sound Bath, Sound Meditation, Sound Healings? (they are all the same) 

*Use Crystal Bowls to create a frequency to experience a relaxing meditation.

*has been used for thousand of years by the Greek, Egyptians, Tibetan, Indigenous people. The list continues to grow!

Root to Heart Singing Bowls Meditation, 528 Hz, 228 hz, Channeled Energy

Root to Heart Singing Bowls Meditation, 528 Hz, 228 hz, Channeled Energy

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*Experience physical and mental calming effect of the energy of peace. Deepens your relaxation.

*Proven to lower stress, anxiety and blood pressure.

*Improves your sleep

*Can release trapped emotional energy! This is normal so be gentle on yourselves! 

*Each experience is different, and each session can be different

*Drink lots of water after and for the next few days!

Hydrate to Vibrate!!!!

Yoga at Home

How Being Mindful Changes Our Lives


Helps you sleep better

Meditation helps you calm and train the monkey mind. To be mindful of your thoughts to create the space for sleep. During the sleeping hours, your body becomes able to rest while your consciousness can travel in other realms.

Decreases anxiety & depression

Depression signals energy from the past, and anxiety triggers energy to the future. Being mindful keeps your thoughts and your awareness in the present to create the energy you want. 

Reduces stress and anger 

Mindfulness practice reduces activity in parts of your brain that are responsible for the flight or fight response. Shuts down the stress signal. We learn to think critically instead of reactive. When we pay attention to the thoughts, and intentions, the benefits are we have more control over our actions.

Improves attention & concentration

Mindful meditation strengthens your ability to control your focus and attention. Aides in developing awareness of your thoughts allows you to see where they come from. This helps in all areas of focus especially intuition, mediumship and channeling.

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"The thing about meditation and a spiritual practice is: You become more and more you."

David Lynch

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