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Our house is an extention of ourself, and just like ourselves, the space can become over whelming. Sometimes the space can feel stagnent. We will clean, and/or cleanse the energy in the space. We will show you how to bring the energy of love and joy into your space.  Price per hour is subject to change per space requirements.

House Cleansing or Cleaning

SKU: 21554345656
  • Our living space can be a reflection of what is within us. Clutter can become over whelming while hiding underlying emotional issues. We specialize in showing you how to maintain your home, release what does not bring you joy, and how to put your own energy into your closet, space, and self. 

    Just like a pond with no movement, our home can become full with dust and clutter. We can arrange to clean and sanitize the physical home. 

    Sometimes we are unaware of other energetic entities, or feelings that travel with us into our home. With the cleansing, we ask unwelcome energies to leave, and fill the home with divine frequencies. We show you how to create a space for your protection. 

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