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Are you ready to take back control of your life, and stop allowing life’s circumstances dictate your life? Then this class is for you! Kundalini energy must be the easiest healing technique to access on the planet! This class is for everyone and every level. This modality helps you nourish your inner light. The best gift you can give yourself is working on your self.

We are all born with this dormant GOD spark. Kundalini energy lays dormant until we wake it.  Energy in any form is energy. Your intention moves the energy. Your senses are the communication. For once what was limited, has now been set free. You can choose to call it both, depending on when you would like to use it. These classes are to spark your mind.......  2 hour class in person or distance

Kundalini (Reiki) Energy Level 1

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    In Kundalini 1, we understand our meridians are energy channels that run within our bodies. These channels transport life force energy to all areas within. If we hold on to our emotions, our thought patterns even if we are unconscious to it, can cause a disruption in our bodies. These are known as blocks or knots in our energy centers called the chakras.The Kundalini Reiki attunement expands our access to life force energy within the 7 main energy centers (chakras) including the palms of our hands. This energy can rise up our spine, bringing balance and harmony to our self. The energy will help clear our chakras from the inside out. This is possibly the easiest form of energy healing, self-development energy that exist! By opening and strengthening the chakras in the body, you can move the Kundalini energy by intention. Each level activates different chakras.The level one attunement removes major blockages in all the chakras except for the root, which is more activated in level 2. The heart chakra is expanded and so is the channel from the crown to hands to allow the energy to flow more evenly.When we choose to begin this journey, we choose to face all of our blockages, our emotional, mental, physical changes and growth. This is where we become conscious of our judgments, beliefs, and patterns. We will recognize the generational patterns in our own families. When we heal ourselves, we heal our families also. Just remember this is a process. An open Kundalini means, progress and process of oneself over a period of time. You will be able to feel the energy moving in the centers.  

    Level one course includes:

    *The history of Kundalini

    *What is Kundalini, and why are we taught to fear it

    *Difference between a rising and awakening

    *Grounding, Awareness, Expanding Consciousness and Healing Ourselves

    *Healing Karmic Bonds*Healing Situations – Projection of K-1 energy

    *self-healing meditation with K-1 energy.

    *Kundalini Energy Attunement to level 1 

    Certificate/manual included

    Attunements can be obtained in person or distance.

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