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This cellular massage is spent one on one with the frequencies of the crystal bowls, drumming, and tuning forks. Your aura is bathed in vibrations to release stagnant energy. This can be alone, or with a intimate group. 60-90 minutes Either click "book now" and choose your date and time or continue to purchase and I will call/text you to schedule.

Energetic Sound Massage - Private

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  • Energetic sound massage is a whole body tuning. Mind, physical body, and spiritual bodies are bathed in crystal frequencies. A powerful combination of Shamballa and Mahatma energy, and the vibrational sound therapy presents a rejuvenating experience. You will feel your physical body relax. Your emotional and mental bodies will soften. Your energetic body will balace and open up on all levels to facilitate true healing.

    We have a trillion individual cells vibrating and communicating with each other. They all answer to our name. The clearer the communication the better our emotional and physical well being becomes. 

    As the instruments play, the sound changes your consciousness to a meditiative state. This allows the movement, clearing, and releasing of toxins on a cellular level. 

    Science is able to measure our electro fields before and after to see the change.  We feel the effects and the clearing for days or weeks later. It is very important to drink lots of water during this time.

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