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Who am I? I m me! It's ok to be you, unaplogetic. We hand you the compass and show you how to use it. This is an introduction class to awaken the curiosity within you to find who you are. You have tried every external path, but cannot find your joy. With your internal compass, you learn to hold the reins of your life. Once the door is open, you begin a partnership with your higher power and exit survival mode.  90 minute class

Who am I - I am ME

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  • In this class we begin to create the life you want. You have already decided what you do not want, you will learn how to turn the energy of your flow around. What you resist persist!

    We will discuss emotional freedom by experiencing the difference between the Ego and the creator. We will explore how emotional intelligence is a gift of consciousness.  Use the art of forgivness and unconditional love to open your intuition.

    Heaven on earth does exist. We will explore our spirituality. Why we need religion to understand we are spiritual beings having human experiences. We are limitless.


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