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I am Charlotte, a native of Louisiana and I love what I do. Energy work is my heart and soul. Sharing my knowledge with you, is my passion. My journey has led me to the desire of empowering others. I am a teacher, a student, and a facilitator, of the energy of life. Welcome to a  down home approach of life coaching and healing to compliment your already fabulous life.  Like we say, life is something to experience.

Faded Sandpaper

My Story

Once we become conscious of where our attention is going, we awaken to the energy around us. Regardless of what religion you practice or the name you identify as your higher power, we can agree we all have one. I call my higher power God.  God is funny.  God is love.  God is within us.  God is all around us.  God is not who I was lead to believe. God is so much more than I could conceive. Humanity  is bigger than I could comprehend at the time.  We just have to look and pay attention. 


I was raised CEO Catholic. That ment we really only went to church on Christmas and Easter only. I went to several Catholic schools. I participated in church choir. But this church, this path, did not seem real at all. Something was missing.  Survival mode intensified, and went into beast mode. What I witnessed. What I experienced. In this  life was full of abuse, hatred, bullying, and more. I understood drinking by 10, smoking by 12, and drugs by 15. All as coping mechanisms. I was raging through life.  Is this it?  When does this stop for you to be able to think?  When are we allowed to think? I landed into a twenty five year addiction and several abusive cycles. All somewhat functional. This was what I witnessed. This is what I am now repeating and living.  I learned it does not stop until you make it stop.

Substances do not make you an addict. Addiction is a coping mechanism for trauma. We, as a collective, are in the fight of our lives, with addiction as a coping mechanism running rampant within all our families. When we are children, we are sponges. Children absorb everything we see, hear, and feel. This happens regardless if the energy is ment for us or not. The absorbed information creates the base line of our subconscious.  All our beliefs, patterns, and self worth are forming.  The conversations around us dictate our money flow good or bad. How do we see ourselves, good or bad. These are patterns and the blocks that run our life! Somewhere within yourself you have to decide I have had enough. Only you can make the conscious effort to turn around. I saw the motion begin to stop and change my first energetic session in 2014. 

I began my healing journey through meditation, binaural beats and Usui Reiki. I dove further into the  deep end. I graduated to Grand Master. The one common thread between  energy work and all religions, regardless of the name of your higher power, is the fact they have one, and all point the same way. To a higher power.  I began my education into Mystical Theology. This is a branch of early christian theology that focuses on the experiencing of the divine. Mysticism means the union of the soul with source, namely GOD. Spirituality releases the judgment  with mutual respect. Everyone comes together for the greater good. Love. I learned prayer and meditation are needed to navigate life. The knowledge I learned was mind blowing.  The boxes that were built for me, were opening. I still felt like there was more. More classes I could take. I thirst for it. I could build my own life. This is when the world opened up to me, and energy opened me to the world. My love for science was opening me more spirituality. Science was becoming more beautifully explained by spirit.

In the sessions, the intuitive side aides us in energetic healing and balancing of oneself. We work together, using communication, intuition, channeling, and our body to guide us.  Our bodies hold all the keys. Energetic healing is a partnership, between the facilitator and you. You must be willing to do the work. I am still doing the work. There is no quick fix, yet energetic work, does speed up the clearing process. Our soul purpose and multiple perceptions become clearer.

Other healing modalities  I include are Access Bars-Access Consciousness, Kundalini Energy Master Teacher, reflexology, tuning forks, crystal sound/frequency sessions, intuitive life coaching, along with New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation Basic Master, and Master Teacher. All are platforms to bring out the beauty in all of us. Beauty is the joining duality of our light and shadow selves. Other tools within my toolbox, contain sound healing with singing bowls, vibrations of tuning forks, frequencies with binaural beats, and guided meditations with the use of other instruments. We all vibrate to our own frequency. I love science. I feel spirituality is the beauty of science. Science is now mapping and charting new territories  within the spiritual energetic world. We are in a new dawn.

Releasing what is blocking you, frees your heart and soul to love and laugh much more deeply. I am so grateful for the changes in my life, I would love to share with everyone. Enjoy the feeling of peace by releasing the triggers and the pain. This is my soul purpose, and gift to you. Energy is a dance with yourself, and I could not imagine a better partner! 

I have watched Shay Creations morph from decorating service, a beauty service, a craft service, now a spiritual service. The main passion has always been a service to humanity. I have always felt drawn to raising the spirit of the humanity. I and others feel, we want to experience life the best we can, for the highest good of us all.  Shay creations is growing into a service for everyone. SC is something I am passionate about. Our goal is to bring back the social aspect of living in Spirituality. Book your appointment and join the experience today!



How may I be of service to you? I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Text/call 504.231.4985

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