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Your Body Holds all the Answers and all the Keys

Pain is our internal guide to where attention is needed. It will show up first as acute and discomfort.  Pain stems from an emotional thought form, or an external force we allow within food and drink. Also, other peoples thoughts, feelings, judgements, and energy. Including our own judgements. We are often not aware of this.


Some speak of pain as their truth.  It’s done as a reason to avoid responsibility, gather attention, or to manipulate and seek sadness.  Some use disease, or ailments, to draw in sympathetic energy, without ever being conscious of it. 


Our bodies can become addicted to chemicals our brains produce during an emotional trigger (aka "energy-in-motion").  We create more of the same patterns as the intention moves toward our internal body.  Pain will morph damaged cells and will become chronic if ignored.  If we allow the pain to grow deeper within our bodies true disease will form. 


 Contrary belief is that healing and curing are the same...yet they are vastly different. Curing your body is removing, or relieving, the physical pain only. One would return to the same patterns and beliefs they had before while thinking, "I'm cured!", yet, nothing has changed. Some will question why the disease (dis-ease) returned. To heal, is to become aware of the underlying problem. 


We have the choice to acknowledge pain or cover it up.


We become aware by using Shadow Work.  Shadow Work is working through emotional triggers that the physical body uses to get our attention which shows us what we are holding on to.


When we heal, we stop living as the victim, and take conscious control of the reins of our life.


Energetic sessions are a partnership between the coach, that projects light to what is hidden in the shadows, and our client. We help to bring to light to what is damaging the body. This simple act creates room for new energy and new life within our being.


When we pull the root cause, we unravel and clear the space.  Intuitive Life Coaches help find the energetic blocks within your auric field.  This conversation can happen in meditation and with the help of your coaches.   Coaches channel energy and messages from beyond and will offer guidance to help relieve the pain. 


What would you like to create? 

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A daily spiritual practuce includes Prayer And Meditation brings forth REVERENCE-9.png
A daily spiritual practuce includes Prayer And Meditation brings forth REVERENCE-7.png
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