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Today is not your final destination. You chose to be here during this time as your souls journey.  You have chosen this time to partner with your soul to walk in your highest potential.  You are in control of your life to create, to live, to be the multidimensional being you were born to be. 

Shay Creations'  mission is to guide our clients to create a life of their highest potential within the Mind, Body, and Soul. To assist our clients  in all aspects of their life. In the session, I help you bring awareness to the  mental patterns of your conscious and subconscious minds. We develop a partnership between you and your body to bring forth optimal health. Regardless of your religious background, spirituality brings us all together. No matter the name of your the higher power, we all agree there is one. Spirituality transcends  the judgements of our prior teachings to join us together as one. Even our house is an extension of our energetic self that does request attention of our loving energy.

We are all energy. Therefore, we hold an energetic frequency to facilitate your healing and cleansing session. Sessions are  a partnership between us, your higher power and  yourself.  The intention of the session is discussed before we begin. When you schedule your appointment, you are  granting yourself time to understand who you are.  You are granting yourself time to breathe.

I am not  a medical doctor,  and do not practice medicine. I do not cure, prevent, or diagnose any disease. The goal of our sessions is self discovery and self actualization to lead to improved health and well being.  Any information received from your higher self team, is for inspiration only. It is solely  up to the client's conscious mind to choose their own path, and be conscious of their own choices. 

New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation

New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation

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