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With our attention, intention, and permission, we are able to exchange energy, and information across time and space. we are limitless

Image by Dingzeyu Li

How does distance healing work

We have the ability to send and receive energy like communication through a telephone wire or the cell towers we use now. We can send and receive information through space and time. We all have receptors and glands in our brain to translate the vibrations and the frequency we receive. We just have to be open to it. To begin communication, I became aware of the different frequencies and vibrations of the space around me. I use my energy centers to access the different levels or dimensions. At the same time, I set my intention and focus on channeling the frequencies that my client is in need of at that time. Attunements work the same way. We do not have to be physically present for all.

Image by Dingzeyu Li
Lotus Flower

How does a Healer do this?

When a healer facilitates a distance healing, they are altering their perception by slowing down their brain waves to reach theta. This is known in Shamanism as the "waking dream". This is where time and space are not fixed. There is no separation, we are in the collective consciousness where energy flows backwards and forward. Where our attention goes our energy flows. Quantum Physics is discovering and beginning to explain what spiritualist have been doing for many a millennia.

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