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Sounds and Frequencies

Hertz is the measurement of the physical vibration, the frequency cycle. Nothing is at rest. Everything in the universe moves.  Matter is energy in vibration. Everything in life has its own frequency.  We are vibrating! The energy moves through us on a cellular level, vibrating out negative ions, and other molecular toxins.  How our energy begins to move is through thought. We take that thought, and through breath, give it motion through our emotions. We give that thought more motion by acting on it. Physical movement. We are in a vibratory partnership with the creator. When we feel blocked, or not our creative self, we learn to read what negative or heavy thought patterns we are holding on to. When we identify and become aware of the blockages, we can use the energy from music to clear and re-center ourselves. Just like a regular physical massage, you must drink a-lot of water to flush your system. Hydrate to vibrate!


Our voice is our chosen sound. This is the frequency, our request to the universe travels on. If there is tension in your body, then the vibration is dampened. Chanting and singing has been proven to release vibrate tension and stagnant energy out. Our voice sets the boundaries.


Each of our energy centers are vibrating at a specific musical note. Each chord can clear and transform your energy center, or your chakra. The singing bowls, are crystal quartz tuned to the frequency of love, 432hz, and a chord specific sound. The practitioner  strikes the bowl sending waves through your body. Your body will recoil or exhibit a motion if a block is revealed.


Brain entrainment is a method to stimulate the brain to enter different waves for reprogramming. The use of frequencies, binaural beats with headphones, have been shown to help heal and retrain your brian by opening and creating new neuro pathways.


Music has the power to move us, to evoke a powerful emotional response. Pleasurable music can release neurotransmitters like dopamine. The beat of the music, the wave of the instruments playing can direct our energy to raise or lower our vibrations, by choosing on our intent of listening to which choice.


We begin with the flow of our heartbeat. Even before our brain is developed, the beat of the heart moves our energy. Shamanic drumming induces a trance like state to assist in connecting  with the spiritual higher dimension for healing


Tuning forks are a very gentle, yet powerful modality to restore the mind and body. the forks work with the nervous system utilizing the meridians, and the subtle energy bodies.

What Our Clients Say


I cannot believe the difference only one session made in my life! I used to say I hate people from the time I wake up. I was not aware I did not say this once, until 3 pm! I have had several sessions and have never felt better!

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