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The Energetic Approach

Becoming aware of energy around you and the conversation with your body are the first steps of developing your intuition.  After this, the world becomes a bigger playground.

Integrating Awareness into Our Lives

Science is a beautiful thing. Science is giving us proof we are all energy! Science is mapping our energy centers, we call chakras. Science can measure the increased vitality and increased brain function before and after energetic sessions. Science is complimenting spirituality.

You cannot create a new life with the old way of thinking. You have to reprogram your mind, body, and thoughts. We help you bring awareness to the  mental patterns of your conscious and subconscious minds. We develop a partnership between you and your body to bring forth optimal health. Regardless of your religious background, spirituality brings us all together. No matter the name of your the higher power, We all agree there is one. Spirituality transcends  the judgements of our prior teachings and brings us together as one. We come together to have the tough discussions.  Even our house is an extension of our energetic self, that does request attention of our loving energy.

Your body holds all the answers and the keys to free the blocks of life. When you stop to listen to your body, you will know what you to release. Your body will show you how to navigate the duality of this world! When you raise your awareness to the energies around you, you are able to create the life you always wanted.

Our clients come to us after ignoring the nagging feeling that something has to change, and they don't know what. Some have changed jobs, gotten fired, feel mundane or stuck in their life. They have already tried shop therapy, talk therapy, pills, yoga, and none of these have worked. 

The reason none of these things work is because you are not pulling out the root cause of this energetic knot. If you don't pull the root, then the same pattern, energy, or reaction will continue to happen.


The one thing clients always say is, "the sessions are hard to put into words, it is something you just have to experience. " You owe yourself one hour of self maintenance. that is 1/24th of your day. Make it count!

Image by Susanna Marsiglia
"Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world."

Sri Ramana Maharshi

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