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Learn to love yourself. When you can grasp the concept that we are the physical manifestation of spirit and there is a greater good within ourselves, your world within your perception opens up. Your soul chose to look like you. Your beauty is your souls artwork. We are love. We are the veil. There is a partnership between your soul, your body and your consciousness to exist in this world. Your voice is the frequency of your soul. We can begin a conversation with our body to produce optimal health.  We are born with primordial cells in our body that never change. They hold the blue print of your creation in this lifetime and others. We can ignite your internal flame. We can remember who we are, so we may grow and expand our awareness. We can help you release what is no longer serving our collective truth.

Image by Scott Webb

Air / Breath

Breathing moves the oxygen and our energy throughout our body. Deep breathing reduces stress, improves our focus, and lowers blood pressure. Trauma causes people to hold their breath, starving their body for O2, while inducing stress flight or fight response. How do you breathe?

Calm Waters


The earth is 70% water, as so are our bodies. Water has memory, and can reflect our energy in the water. We can speak affirmations into the water to raise our vibrations. Dr. Emoto studied how water holds frequencies. What do you say to yourself? Hydrate to vibrate!!

Fruits and Vegetables


What are you putting into your body as fuel? Would you go and put dirty gas in your car? The more fresh vegetables and fruit you put in the body, the more you will notice a change in your own mood and energy level. The better you will feel!  Are you ready to discuss meat?

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