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 Level 2, the frequency of the Kundalini is awakened, you root chakra is opened, your third eye is boosted, and the Kundalini fire is ignited.The Kundalini fire will be raised to your Solar Plexus Chakra

2 hour class Attunement can be in person or distance. 

Kundalini (Reiki) energy Level 2

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  • Kundalini Reiki Energy, Level 2, Increase and Expand

    2 -hour class, $175 - Certificate/manual included

    Kundalini Reiki Level 2 strengthens and widens your spinal channel to assist this cleansing energy to flow. The kundalini energy brings an awareness, within our consciousness, the reputative behavior patterns which needs to be healed. 

    The Level 2 attunement produces the frequency to awaken the Kundalini. Your root chakra is opened, and major blocks are cleared.  Clairvoyance is boosted with your third eye. (pineal gland and thalamus gland boosted) The Kundalini fire is ignited and raised to your Solar Plexus Chakra.

    We will have a special Kundalini meditation to boost the flame, as well as to cleanse and balance your energy channels.

    The rising Kundalini frequencies are an important step to a full Kundalini awakening but is not the same. It takes time to clear and raise your vibrations. The time allows you to grasp an understanding of how everything is connected and works with your divine self. Grasp and understanding of the feelings and sensations within your body.

    It is a good idea to learn and work with your body, higher self, and guides before moving on to other people. Get to know your energy.

    Distance healing may seem farfetched in the beginning until you can understand that we are all connected energetically and through the power of intent we can focus our energy wherever we want to direct it. Energy is also intelligent. Energy will go where it needs to go. Results speak for themselves and with practice you will be able to sense the connection created between you and your client. You will also sense the frequencies that are channeled through you during your attunement. 

    You will also be attuned to your spiritual team, who will assist you on your journey.

    Level 2 course includes:

    *Balancing and facilitating healing on others

    *Healing symptoms, inner child and shadow work

    *Spiritual Anatomy

    *Crystal healing

    *Distance healing, using your Clair Senses, telepathy, and more

    *Importance of meditation, and learning with your spiritual team

    *Kundalini Energy Attunement to Level 2


    Certificate/manual included - Attunement in person or distance (facetime)

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